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How to Understand VoIP and the Benefits it Can Bring to Your Business

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VoIP — or Voice Over Internet Protocol — is a technology that allows businesses and companies to make voice calls over the Internet, bypassing the need for a traditional phone system.

Because making calls with an Internet phone system is essentially free apart from the set-up fee and the cost of maintaining an Internet connection, VoIP is an attractive option for many organizations that regularly make phone calls.

There are three different kinds of phone system cloud server solutions that one can get with VoIP. Here’s a brief outline of each of these small business phone systems so you can be better informed about which service your business should seek out

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Three Dos and Don’ts of Home Computer Maintenance and Repair

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Despite the fact that the adoption of mobile technology, from the Google Glass to smartphones, continues to grow at a staggering rate, the desktop computing market remains a huge part of the technological world. As Forbes writes, sales of desktop computers still come in at around 80 million units each quarter. Even though that marks a slight decrease in overall sales, desktops ostensibly remain a top choice for gaming and work. In short, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

While there are many benefits to using traditional computing technology over mobile, reliability and durability are not among them. Desktop components and software tend to go haywire a lot more than their mobile counterparts, making the annual

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Your Restaurant Might Be Five-Star, But Is It Up to Par?

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Whether you’re a consumer or work in the retail or restaurant industry, we can agree on one thing: customer experience is key. One seemingly insignificant detail, such as a missed greeting or long wait and turn a customer away for good. Thanks to social media and review websites, that customer may even go as far as to post a negative review of your establishment, which in turn, may drive other potential customers away.

Therefore, it is imperative to not only properly train your staff, but to streamline your business operations. Enter modern POS systems. Modern pos solutions aren’t just about expediting your day to day business operations. In fact, they can be integral in providing your guests with the best experience possible, one that ensures they will return and spread the word.

Aside from p

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