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FDA Considers Simplifying Medical Device Approval Process

Helium leak test

The difference between the European and American healthcare industries is clear due to a number of qualities, ranging from socialized medical systems to different standards for medications. However, one of the most troubling disparities is in the availability of medical technology: due to different approval processes, medical devices often reach European markets as many as three to five years before they are cleared for use in the United States, denying patients access to potentially life-saving equipment in the meantime. Because of this, many pharmaceutical companies, legislators and advocates are pressuring U.S. health regulators to increase their sanctions. But while these regulators seem open to the prospect, questions about quality assurance and maintaining standards await answers. Will leak detection se

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5 Things a Great Web Design Company Will Do

Web design company calgary

Even if you have a brick-and-mortar establishment, your company website is one of your most important business assets and advertising tools. But when it’s time for a new website, it can be overwhelming to try to choose between all the web design and development companies clamoring for attention, each claiming to be able to build you a site that’s better — or cheaper — than their competitors’. To cut through the din, here are the things a web design company absolutely must do in order to build you a successful business website:

  1. Know the Most Popular Options

    Some design choices that you personally like may not be the best choice for a company site, either because of your target audience’s preferences or because of technical issues. For example, you might run into

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How to Ensure Your Company’s Information Stays Secure in the Cloud

Dedicated managed hosting

A recently-released CloudEntr study found that an incredible 75% of small businesses say they are worried about the security of their data on dedicated server hosting services — otherwise known as cloud computing.

Given the startling frequency of data breaches and cyber attacks for companies big and small, these concerns are valid. And as cloud computing solutions become increasingly more ubiquitous in today’s society, it will become more important to be vigilant to potential security threats in your cloud computing systems.

So what are some things you can do to help minimize potential security threats to your cloud computing solutions?

Educate employees

Teaching employe

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