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Living in an Online World

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In this world we live in today, anything and everything is done completely through the use of the internet and the ways of life have simply changed. This is also in reference to the business world. Companies of today must use the internet in order to succeed, because that is where all the customers are, and that is where the new leads will be found. This is the use of online ad agencies is so important to businesses. Online ad agencies allow a company to outsource their marketing advertising tasks to the works of professionals who know how to use the internet and all its tools far better than anyone else. Creating online content has become a great way to draw customers to a company site. Over the past six months, email opens on tablet and smartpho

Looking to Outsource Web Hosting Services? Three Examples of Managed Services

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Did you know that about 60% of companies make use of managed services? Managed services are management responsibilities that companies outsource in order to cut overhead and improve flow. Many types of services are included in this category, including network management, security, software, internet, and supply chain management. Here is a lost of three of the most common outsourced managed services, how they operate, and how they benefit the companies that use them. 1. Website Hosting Services About 70% of smaller businesses outsource some or all of their web hosting needs. For the most part, large corporations are the only ones who can afford to invest in in house website management, which includes software, set up, ongoing equipment, ongoing monitoring, IT staff and more. Not su