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Secure Messaging Service Protect Key Data

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As you work in a hospital you know that the information you have is sensitive. In order to protect the sensitive information, make sure to find a secure messaging service. The best secure text messaging for healthcare companies keeps sensitive medical records where they belong; in the hospital. There are 551 certified medical information software companies in the U.S., and together they sell 1,137 software programs. The best mobile health applications were specifically designed to support the numerous healthcare communication protocols where data can be easily mapped and managed for consumption by other systems or applications. The best mobile healthcare communi

Three Tips on Finding the Best Hosted VoIP Service for Your Business

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Voice over IP services are taking the business world by storm. As Enterprise Networking Planet writes, using hosted VoIP providers, businesses across the world are reducing their technology costs, gaining access to unified, integrated communications technologies, and improving their businesses overall. While the best VoIP services can bring all of these advantages to your company, lower quality, disreputable firms will offer you very little service for your money. If you want to weed out the chaff from the best, follow these tips to hiring the best hosted VoIP service for your business.
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How to Text Securely

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Working in a hospital, you have enough to worry about without having to worry about the privacy of your messages. If you are asking yourself is texting secure, look into a secure instant messaging service. Follow the HIPPA messaging guidelines and your private information will stay in the hospital where it belongs. In February 2009, President Barack Obama signed the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, better known as the Hitech Act, which provides $27 billion in financial incentives for digital health record use. The act has played a key role in shaping medical communications. Mobile healthcare solutions are a growing industry in the US economy.