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“Some Day” May Come Sooner Than You’d Think

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Sci-fi movies like Minority Report or I, Robot give us a glimpse of what the future could possibly look like, showing us things like self-driving cars, intuitive software, and fully automated homes. We know that some day we really will get to enjoy devices like these, but we also know that some day is probably far off in the future.
Thanks to physical and digital designers though, the product design and development of such amazing gadgets isn’t that far off. In what’s being called the Internet of Things, everyday appliances and devices are being connected to the Internet, improving the way they can be utilized and the way we live our lives.
To help give you a better idea of just how soon “some day” may come, here are a few of the coolest items that Internet of T

The Ten Best Website Design Tips and Tricks

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Have you ever visited a website that was clearly a rushed DIY job that was hard to navigate through? So have the majority of your fellow peers. Surveys show that 54% of small business owners admit they could use a bit of help when it comes to improving their social media marketing skills and website design. This is where the professional web design companies come in.
Professional web design companies will vastly improve your site’s appearance by using the best website designing tips that are always up to date, and it may actually garner more clicks, sending you up the search engine results rankings.
Here are the top ten website design tips and tricks your custom website des