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Is Your Company’s Website Terrible?

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Social media services
Designing a website is the most important first step in any company’s Internet marketing strategies. Starting a website is crucial to reaching a wider audience through the audience, and with the right Internet marketing strategies, that new audience can turn into a greater customer base.
But when you have a website, how can you tell if its good, or one of those dreaded websites that basically scares customers away? These tips will help you figure out if your website’s design leaves something to be desired.
  • The Basics – If users can’t tell what your company is, or what they do, instantly upon seeing th

5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Next Poster Design

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Digital and offset printing

Whether you’re a small business or another kind of organization that needs to outsource your printing to commercial printing companies, there are quite a few ways you can make the most of your next printing project. Well-designed advertising banners and signs — even simple posters — draw a viewer in and make them want to learn more about whatever you’re offering. So the next time you’re utilizing poster printing services, here are a five questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Am I Using the Right Printing Method?

    Poster printing services can usually be completed either digitally or using traditional offset printing. If you need only a few of any

The Benefits of Using an Automated Answering Service

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Small business telephone answering service
Thanks to technology, businesses in today’s modern world have several options available to them which will allow them to drive sales, as well as attract and retain customers. While things such as having a strong online presence by engaging in social media and having a solid content marketing strategy are important for modern businesses to operate successfully, it’s equally important to practice customer service basics.
While many consumers conduct their business online, such as banking or shopping, there is a growing trend towards phone interaction. As such, it’s important for businesses to have an automated answering service in order to anticipate and meet there customers’ needs. A business telephone answering service allows you to field calls appropriately, which in turn reduc

How to Understand VoIP and the Benefits it Can Bring to Your Business

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Server solutions
VoIP — or Voice Over Internet Protocol — is a technology that allows businesses and companies to make voice calls over the Internet, bypassing the need for a traditional phone system.
Because making calls with an Internet phone system is essentially free apart from the set-up fee and the cost of maintaining an Internet connection, VoIP is an attractive option for many organizations that regularly make phone calls.
There are three different kinds of phone system cloud server solutions that one can get with VoIP. Here’s a brief outline of each of these small business phone systems so you can be better informed about which service your business should seek out

Three Dos and Don’ts of Home Computer Maintenance and Repair

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Computer service athens ga
Despite the fact that the adoption of mobile technology, from the Google Glass to smartphones, continues to grow at a staggering rate, the desktop computing market remains a huge part of the technological world. As Forbes writes, sales of desktop computers still come in at around 80 million units each quarter. Even though that marks a slight decrease in overall sales, desktops ostensibly remain a top choice for gaming and work. In short, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.
While there are many benefits to using traditional computing technology over mobile, reliability and durability are not among them. Desktop components and software tend to go haywire a lot more than their mobile counterparts, making the annual