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How SEO Can Improve Your Small Business

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How to optimize a website
These days we depend on technology for almost all aspects of our lives. On our phones, tablets, and computers we shop, look up movie times and recipes, and research all kinds of things online in between our emails, status updates, and tweets. It is easy to take for granted how so many websites today have simple and responsive designs. This increasing trend in simplicity and responsiveness indicates a shift in how websites are being built. Businesses must likewise adapt to this trend toward online ubiquity. Over 80% of people use search engines like Google and Yahoo! to gather information on small business. The best way for business to reach customers and other businesses online is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?.

SEO is a process through which a website becomes

Secure Your Files With File Transfer Services

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What is ftps?
Anyone in the technology business knows just how difficult it is to provide security for their managed file transfer services. File transfer services provide the method many businesses use to send, receive, and store information. Data delivery methods need to ensure that digital files — anything from business reports to costumer records — are safe and free from prying eyes. Fact is, the state of data delivery services is not the best. In 2011 for example, more than 535 businesses in the United States were hacked, resulting in the compromise of over 30 million private costumer records. From credit card numbers to addresses, these records were stolen or destroyed outright.
It is for reason

Why Cyber Security is Important Now More Than Ever

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What is ftp?
From hospitals and technology firms to schools and government offices, organizations of all kind use easy file transfer services for their digital needs. Sending files online has never been more important or as ubiquitous. Using managed file transfer services for business is nearly universal. No longer secluded to the realm of large corporations, easy file transfer services are operated by businesses of all kinds, large and small.
As with any communication system, file transfer services rely on security in order to keep their sensitive documents and records private. And with good cause. In 2011 for example, more than 535 cases of online hacking and breaching were reported. As a result, more than 30

Three Factors That Affect Usability in B2B Transactions

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B2b lead generation
Usability testing and research is one of the most essential parts of a successful B2B supplier, and it’s something that can actually have a big impact on the success of individual B2B lead generation campaigns and B2B internet marketing trends.
So what exactly should B2B suppliers be concerned about when it comes to usability testing analysis?
  1. The first important point is that the product/service provided isn’t going to be used by the business purchasing it. This is very different from the normal usability approach in the B2C marketplace, where businesses can explain directly to the users of a service what to expect. When B2B suppliers are dealing with u

The Retail POS Industry By the Numbers

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Pos clover
The retail POS system industry is one of the most most industries that countless businesses in the U.S. really depend upon — in fact, you might just be surprised by how strong this industry really is!
3.3%: The growth of POS system software developers, per year, between 2009 and 2014. Tons of new developments have been made to retail POS software in order to combat increased security threats, to make systems less bulky and more convenient, and to give businesses only the features that they need and want.
47: Even though the development of POS software has skyrocketed in the past few years, this is the number of manufacturers in the U.S. that cr

Three Reasons Why Your Local Pharmacy Is Essential in Your Community

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Why rm-solutions is the right pharmacy pos sytem f
Small pharmacies are some of the most important businesses in local communities, and they really provide valuable services to residents. If you own and/or run a local pharmacy, here are a few reasons why your business is more important than you probably realize:
  • First things first: pharmacies are important because they provide valuable medications and medical equipment that people need to live healthy and happy lives. Studies have shown that over 271 million prescriptions were written in 2010, and senior citizens alone spend about $10 billion on prescription medications.
  • Another benefit of having a local pharmacy is that residents can get personalized recommendations and advice from pharmacy staff that really cares about the health of customers. Smal