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Not Today, Hackers! How to Protect Your Files

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File transfer services
In the wake of major security news (like Ed Snowden’t take on Apple’s new commitments to privacy), it’s more important than ever to be up to date on how to protect your files. Here are some things to know about the different kinds of file transfer services that are available to you.
For an easy file transfer experience, most people rely on an Email file transfer. While easy and convenient, most email providers can only support up to 10 MB of data, so you may need to consider FTP.
What is FTP? File Transfer Protocol is the name of both a method and a program. (i.e. “FTP

Cloud Service Brokers HATE This Common Myth

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Cloud computing
What’s the number one most common lie cloud broker services are tired of debunking over and over and over? Do we even need to say it?
After a widely publicized and shameful celebrity photo leak in 2015, millions of consumers were suddenly left wondering if the cloud is safe. After the titillating shock of the news started to wear off, thirsty media outlets ran with an obvious, if slightly misleading angle — that cloud computing is insecure. Some commentators and techno contrarians have been beating this horse ever since.
So let’s clear one thing up: cloud computing is insecure, but so is every other type of computing. The hard truth is, there’s no such thing as a totally secure computer network. Full stop.
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3 Places You Have to Go This Summer to Practice Shooting

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Point and shoot digital camera
Summer is finally here at long last, which means it’s time for sun, fun, and awesome photo opportunities. Here are just a few places amateur photographers should bring their point and shoot digital cameras to get some practice.
  • The Park. One of the first places to go and get some practice is the park. Pick a nice, sunny day, pack a wicker basket full of cheese, fruit, and wine, and bring a blanket and some friends to enjoy the lovely weather. It’s best not to go on a totally cloudless day, either, since dappled sunlight provides the ideal lighting for shooting with point and shoot digital cameras.
  • The Fair. The fair is a great place to get some practice, because you’ll never know what shots you might come upon. You might get some great,