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A Rhino Has Been Connected to the Internet of Things

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Physical and digital designers
Internet of Things designers have been revolutionizing analog devices for years, making the world a more connected, more efficient place. Now, physical and digital designers have moved on from connecting just machines to the Internet.
British nonprofit conservation organization Protect has come up with a creative way to combat rhino poachers — connect the beasts to the Internet of Things.
Protect has equipped the rhino with a horn-embedded camera, a GPS transmitter around its neck, and a heart-rate monitor. Protect calls the device the Real-time Anti-Poaching Intelligence Device, or RAPID for short.
If the heart-rate of

3 Ways To Increase Retail POS System Security

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Store pos sytem
When you rely so much on your retail POS system for your small business, it’s absolutely imperative that you do everything in your power to keep that system safe! Regardless of whether you’re dealing with a restaurant POS system, mobile POS terminals, or any other type of retail POS software, these tips will help you keep your POS equipment and software safe:
  1. Pick tricky passwords. Keeping your passwords diverse and hard to guess is probably the easiest way to keep your POS software safe from cyberhackers. It’s a good idea to have different passwords for each different account user, especially if multiple employees are accessing the same system, and make sure

5 Ways POS Systems Help Your Pharmacist … and You

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Best pharmacy point of sale systems
In the past decade or so, pharmacy point of sale, or POS, software and systems have changed greatly. From simple cash registers to the complex systems it involves today, what kind of changes has pharmacy POS evolution brought to the table? Let’s take a look at a few of the tasks that these systems can now manage with ease:
  1. POS systems can keep an easily-accessible record of user data for pharmacist use. Rather than digging through scores of paper records to find a patient’s information, a complete search can be made in seconds, saving time and effort for both pharmacists and consumers.
  2. Software in these systems can ut

3 Interesting Statistics About the Prescription Drug Industry and POS Systems

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Pharmacy pos software 2014
If you own and operate a small independent pharmacy, you already know just how important it is to have a good retail pharmacy POS system. The best POS systems will help you manage product inventory in the front while also allowing you to making secure transactions, even when prescriptions are being sold, with features like encrypted card swiping and electronic signature capturing.
But you might actually be surprised by just how important POS systems — and small pharmacies, in general — are in the world of modern healthcare:
$ 231.46 billion: The estimated amount of money that pharm

Four Easy Tips That Will Make Website Marketing A Breeze

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Improve website seo
Are you a smaller business looking to improve your web presence? Or, how about a brick-and-mortar retailer who is looking to tap into the potential of online marketing? If you are looking for professional help or do-it-yourself website marketing tips to make your business a bigger success, check out these suggestions addressing that important question of how to improve website performance.

#1. Use A Mobile Friendly Website Design

Our first tip for improving website marketing makes use of the 10% of global internet usage that is done on mobile devices. Mobile phones are currently the device of choice when researching business information while on the go. For smaller businesses looking to drive sales with website marketing, it is imperative that mobile users get a pos