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How To Know Your Pharmacy POS System Needs To Be Replaced

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Does your pharmacy POS system need to be replaced? It can be a tricky question to answer simply because POS systems are a big investment; most small business owners don’t have the money to keep replacing their POS software constantly if it isn’t really necessary. But on the other hand, if your POS system needs to be replaced, it could actually be costing you money if you keep using the same old system.
Here are just a few signs that your retail pharmacy POS system is seeing its last days:
  1. Your customers are starting to gather i

Why Retail Pharmacy Point of Sale Systems Make Life Simpler

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People are living longer, healthier lives today, compared with even our most recent ancestors. One of the reasons this is true is that pharmacology has made tremendous strides over the last 100 years. Diseases that would have killed us even as recently as 50 years ago are now being eradicated or held at bay, largely due to the pharmaceutical industry. Drug stores all across America are dispensing millions of prescriptions every year, helping to keep folks healthy or bring them along on the road to recovery. An astonishing 48.5% of Americans have used at least one prescription in the last 30 days. During all out patient visits in hospitals in 2010 alone, doctors ordered or provided a whopping 285.1 million prescription drugs. Clearly, pharmaceuticals play an extremely important role not only in our h

Twitter Now Has Pope Emoji

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As Pope Francis — the Bishop of Rome, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Sovereign of the State of Vatican City, — or as he’s known on Twitter, @Pontifax, begins his tour of the United States, Twitter has unveiled four new emoji for the occasion.
In other words, you can now use pope emoji when you tweet.
Twitter has a rather innovative design that lets users access the four emoji. Using the hashtags #PopeinUS, #PopeinDC, #PopeinNYC and #PopeinPhilly, users can tweet the new emojis. Once included, the pope in front of the American flag, the Capitol building, the

How Cloud Broker Services Can Protect Your Company

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We live in the information age, where businesses are able to use instant messaging, video chat, and Cloud computing technology to instantly stream data to users. While this offers limitless application opportunities for businesses, file sharing can also leave a company compromised should the data fall into the wrong hands. Hiring Cloud broker services can help give your company an added degree of protection from hackers and other cyber threats. Here are three solid reasons why Cloud service broker companies ar

Join the Fastest Growing Hub of Information Transfer With the Help of Cloud Brokerage Services

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Since the birth of the internet the world has been rapidly trying to take advantage of all the possibilities it’s offered. Between the advantages in communication it possessed as well as the speed of operations it could produce, businesses quickly took notice of its potential for financial applications. One mechanism in particular known as the cloud has been around for the better part of a decade but is still in the process of being monetized for safe operation.
The possibilities that came with the introduction of the cloud were so promising that people often immersed themselves and their business into it without fully comprehending the mechanics. Fortunately, Continue Reading No Comments

3 Incredible Advantages of Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency Possible

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The way people shop is changing by the day, and it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest trends in digital marketing solutions to keep up with the competition. In 2015, four out of five consumers use their smartphones to make purchases, and that number will only continue to grow as technology advances.
Finding a professional digital marketing agency that understands how to use these trends to your advantage is an important part of owning a business in the 21st century. You need an experienced, knowledgeable digital ma