How Cloud Broker Services Can Protect Your Company

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We live in the information age, where businesses are able to use instant messaging, video chat, and Cloud computing technology to instantly stream data to users. While this offers limitless application opportunities for businesses, file sharing can also leave a company compromised should the data fall into the wrong hands. Hiring Cloud broker services can help give your company an added degree of protection from hackers and other cyber threats. Here are three solid reasons why Cloud service broker companies are used by some of the world’s most successful corporations.
Trusted Success
The Cloud is used by thousands of businesses around the world. The government has recently reduced its data center infrastructure expenditure by nearly 30% when they switched to Cloud assessment services. Approximately 59% of big businesses use Cloud storage to share data seamlessly between development and operations. The global market for Cloud equipment is estimated to reach $79.1 billion by 2018 if current trends continue.
Hybrid Cloud Systems
Many businesses have adopted hybrid Cloud systems that incorporates aspects of public and private cloud storage. This allows businesses to manage employee accounts, granting them access to private sectors as needed. Today approximately 60% of companies use the public cloud while 57% use the private cloud. Only 19% of companies use hybrid cloud services, yet 48% plan on adopting hybrid systems and services in the future. Companies that offer Cloud broker services can help businesses handle expenses, human resources, payroll, and even internet security specialists.
Cloud Security
With the ever-looming potential for hackers and other cyber criminal attacks on the rise, many businesses have a growing demand for professional security services to protect some of their most important corporate assets. A recent survey found that 43% of participants thought reliability was the most important trait for Cloud broker services to have. Up to 52% of organizations across the globe have either recently updated or plan on updating their existing Cloud services. The competitive nature of the field means that Cloud security organizations are always developing their tactics to protect clients from viruses and hackers. Thanks to this growing demand, Cloud-based security services is expected to reach $8.71 billion on the market in 2019. Don’t gamble with the security of your digital assets; hire a Cloud security broker and protect your company.

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