Are You Reaching as Many Customers as You Need To? The Downfall of the Small Business

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In an increasingly competitive economy, both on the internet and in traditional retail settings, many small businesses are making good use of advanced digital printing technology in order to attract and retain new customers. Fully three out of four small businesses report that they intend to market to customers using a mixture of digital and traditional printed media; often, these businesses contract with companies that offer digital printing technology services.
Consumers seem to be receptive to both printed promotional materials and online advertising. About eight out of 10 Americans say that they are more likely to remember a company when they are given gifts that are printed with the company’s logo. Many companies have more ambitious marketing strategies than direct mail; although over $40 billion is spent yearly on direct mail campaigns, many companies are advertising on a larger scale.
Calendars continue to be popular marketing devices for small businesses: usually, customers do retain calendars that they receive from businesses, and digital printing technology has advanced to the point where many businesses report being able to order large batches for lower prices than they were used to in the past. Printing services should also be able to consult with smaller businesses and advise them as to available services.
Some small businesses choose to use digital printing technology to advertise outdoors, renting billboards, using large format printing to create banners or even creating vinyl sheaths that cover a motor vehicle — “car wraps” — in a bid to reach out to customers while they are commuting to work or going food shopping. Customers are quite taken with car wraps, reporting that they find them visually appealing and that they do notice them while on the highway.
Custom printed items that small businesses use for advertising purposes may include magnets for customers to take home, pencils, or even t-shirts. Printing companies that use digital printing technology should be able to advise business owners about prices, the availability of certain products, and the time it should take to produce these memorable marketing collectibles.

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