A Simple, Proven Strategy eCommerce Companies Used To Increase Revenue in 2015

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Referral tracking software
Most of us can no longer remember how we lived without the internet. For better or worse, the internet has taken over our lives, and barring some apocalyptic disaster, that’s not going to change.
And while there are plenty of benefits for businesses and consumers alike on the web, there are major disadvantages as well. A brick and mortar retail shop might have to compete with a handful of other shops or big box stores, but eCommerce stores are in competition with the entire internet.
That’s left many eCommerce business owners looking for any competitive edge than can find to increase revenue. Some seek out eCommerce website designers to make their site more user or mobile friendly, others pour money into search engine optimization, content marketing, or pay per click marketing.
But increasingly eCommerce stores are using a time-tested retail trick to boost revenue, a strategy that’s existed long before the digital revolution. If you need to increase revenue and cut costs to survive in the cutthroat eCommerce retail world, then consider instituting an affiliate program. With traditional advertising and marketing, there’s often no guarantee that you’ll see a return on investment. But with a solid affiliate network, you only pay commission when sales are actually made.

Use a Referral Management System To Boost ROI With Your Affiliate Program

While you don’t have to stop engaging in direct sales, many companies use a network of affiliates to increase sales. In short, affiliates sell your products on your company’s behalf, then receive discounts and/or commissions based on how much product they can move. It creates a diversified income stream that can increase sales and revenue.
But in order for your affiliate program to work, you’ll need a reliable online referral management system to keep track of your expanding sales network. These systems use referral tracking software to keep track of the sales generated by your ambassadors and affiliates, ensuring a seamless collection of data across your various operations.
Business owners can either hire custom website designers to build a referral management software for them, or find web services companies with an existing referral management system. In either case, it’s an efficient way to launch and organize an affiliate network, a time-tested trick for retailers looking to increase sales.

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