Three Questions That Cloud Services Brokers Are Tired of Answering

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Cloud brokerage services
Cloud computing was not a thing just a decade ago, and now the industry is expected to reach $79.1 billion in size within the next few years. It’s no surprise– using the cloud can reduce IT costs within a company by as much as 30%.

As with any quickly growing, cutting-edge tech market, there are thousands of cloud providers and each has a unique set of specializations, benefits and weaknesses. The most efficient cloud plans involve a hybrid of services from several cloud providers depending on the function and needs of the particular data being stored. It’s overwhelming to understand all of the cloud services available and how each aligns with an enterprise’s varied needs. For that reason, many companies find the best solution is to work with a cloud services brokerage who has a firm grasp of the cloud industry and can help develop a plan that utilizes the advantages of several of the best cloud providers to perfectly meet your company’s cloud needs.

Because it’s a fairly new concept, here are a few questions commonly asked of cloud services brokers, and a quick overview of what cloud brokerage services are:
  1. What exactly does a cloud service brokerage do?
    No single cloud provider is going to have one solution that encompasses the varied needs of your entire enterprise. Ideally, your company’s cloud computing plan will be as unique as a snowflake, piecing together services from each provider that best fit each need you have. A cloud services brokerage helps you develop a comprehensive cloud computing plan that combines cloud services from both public and private providers that tailor-fits your company’s data storage needs.

  2. Is there any need for a cloud services brokerage after you’ve developed a good cloud computing plan?
    The cloud computing industry is quickly growing and evolving, part of the ongoing support that a cloud services brokerage provides is constantly reassessing the cloud services you use and advising you if a new offering could replace a current provider to optimize efficiency and savings. Cloud brokers also assist with data analysis and management, and even security, as it pertains to cloud storage.

  3. Can a cloud services brokerage provide any added value for companies that already have a robust IT department?
    A cloud services brokerage is a great partner with a robust IT department. Unless the company has personnel who have dedicated their entire career to immersing themselves in the details of every cloud service (and continues to as new cloud services are rolled out), a cloud services brokerage will be a valuable asset in choosing a combination of the right cloud providers. With a broker, your IT Department can focus on IT things, without having to stress about getting the right pricing with the cloud provider and if best providers are being utilized.
Does your company use a cloud services brokerage? Are you considering using one to optimize your cloud services? Do you have any other questions about cloud services brokerages that we didn’t cover? Please add them in the comment section below.

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