Don’t let your devices get sick! Use anti-virus protection

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If you are skeptical of the need for virus protection on your desktop or laptop computer or on other electronic devices, all you have to do is take a look at some of the threats that lurk out there online. For example, There were nearly 145,000 malware programs detected in 2013 just for mobile devices, triple the number that had been identified in 2012. Another sobering fact: There are cyber criminals lurking in nearly 200 countries, many of them with weak laws when it comes to online crimes. Largely because of that, global cybercrime costs individuals and businesses more than $100 billion annually in losses. Making sure you have virus protection on your device won’t totally alleviate your risk of being a victim of cybercrime, but it will greatly reduce your risk. Most large companies have IT support and systems engineers that can help actively protect their networks against cyberattacks. For home computers and other electronic devices, commercial anti-virus programs usually are sufficient, and they won’t break the bank. These programs cover most computer viruses and malware applications that have been identified, and they are updated regularly to deal with new threats. However, such programs are only as good as their manufacturers and their users. A company that fails to update its product quickly or that misses a threat can leave you exposed. And you can leave yourself exposed by not updating your protection and failing to renew your subscription. Individual computer users aren’t likely to be the targets of organized cyber attacks, such as direct attacks on their system. Instead, their biggest threats are malicious websites and emails that infect them when they click on the right icon or link. Virus protection should catch most of these threats, but not all of them, which is why you need to be vigilant. Don’t open emails from senders you don’t recognize, and don’t click on any links in emails unless you are sure they are legitimate. If your computer or other device does become infected, you may need to take it to a computer repair shop, such as one in Athens, Georgia. Computer repair experts will run diagnostics and repair your computer, although it could be very pricey. Are you protected from cyber risks? Take a few minutes to ensure all your devices have virus protection.

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