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How Did We Live Before Search Engines?

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The world has become increasingly smaller with the advancements in technology available to us. And among the most popular technological tool is one that is so embedded into our culture by now that we hardly even think about it, even though even just a few decades ago it we had to make due without it. Search engines online make finding virtually anything incredibly simple. These days we have basically any piece of information at our fingertips within seconds, or however long it takes us to type it. And with our nearly constant presence online, internet marketing has become the go-to place for advertisers. PPC, or pay per click advertising, and SEO services, or search engine opti

Need Prints of Your New Sign Fast? Don’t Waste Time Trying to Print by Yourself!

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The biggest trend in advertising lately seems to be focused on digital media. But if your business has a physical location, then putting media out in print form is just as important as developing your digital presence. While digital marketing is important, it won’t convince your customers to come in right off the street. What can you do to fix this problem? Print signs! A well designed and printed sign can draw in customers, as well as save you time and money. 24 hour printing is available in numerous stores, and for an affordable price, too. Outdoor advertising like signs and banners often costs up to 80% less than television and radio advertisements, and brings a unique look to your storefront. However,

Improve Your Bottom Line with CT Scanning

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The computerized tomography scan (CT) has come a long way. When it was first invented in 1972, it would take several days to produce even one image from one piece of a scan. Now CT scans can process up to four “slices” in about 350 microseconds and create a 512 by 512 matrix using millions of pieces of data in seconds.

While many people are familiar with the use of CT scanning services for medical purposes, not as many are familiar with the use of the technology for industry. While advancements have been made for medical CT scanning, Continue Reading No Comments

Getting the Most Out of Your Retirement investments

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Studies reveal, by 2050, projections indicate the population over 65 will comprise 20.9% of the population. The big question is, have they saved enough for the golden years? A qualified financial advisor or financial planner can ensure that the seniors citizens of 2050 have saved enough today while they are still in their 30s. If they are not saving now, they should start and see how much they can accumulate in 34 years. Today, roughly 75% of 401k account holders have account balances that are less than the ?widely cited? average of $60,000. Investing your finances as soon as you can will greatly strengthen your retirement account. If your employer offers a retirement savings plan, such as a 401(k) plan, continue to make financial investments toward your retirement. Overall, nearly 70% of 401k and i

How to Gain More Customers in Todays Internet World

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The internet is a primary source of marketing today. The majority of people engage in social media and the internet for multiple hours per day. It has become the way to communicate with family and friends, the way to search for and reserve a table at local restaurants and even a way to locate local businesses for new services that are needed. Simply put, if you own a business and you want to increase your customer base and the knowledge of your brand outside of your regulars; internet marketing is crucial. Internet marketing provides your potential customer base access to your brand, information about your brand and gives them the option of choosing your brand.
Internet marketing, although extremely beneficial to a company, can also be very competitive. There are many other businesses that are al

The Basics of Printed Circuit Boards

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What exactly is a printed circuit board prototype, and why might you need one?
Printed circuit boards (PCBs) mechanically and electronically support a variety of electronic devices and appliances. In fact, prototype printed circuit boards are much more common than you probably realize; you likely have several items in your house right now that use PCBs! There are several components of PCBs which allow prototype circuit boards to be developed and manufactured depending on what a device needs.
Simple PCBs are typically one-sided, using one copper layer which is laminated onto a non-conductive board, or double-sided, using two copper layers. Multi-layer PCBs make use of several copper boards and allow f