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The Basics of Printed Circuit Boards

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Prototype pcb assembly
What exactly is a printed circuit board prototype, and why might you need one?
Printed circuit boards (PCBs) mechanically and electronically support a variety of electronic devices and appliances. In fact, prototype printed circuit boards are much more common than you probably realize; you likely have several items in your house right now that use PCBs! There are several components of PCBs which allow prototype circuit boards to be developed and manufactured depending on what a device needs.
Simple PCBs are typically one-sided, using one copper layer which is laminated onto a non-conductive board, or double-sided, using two copper layers. Multi-layer PCBs make use of several copper boards and allow f

Business Struggling To Get Off The Ground? Seek Out Cloud Computing Or IT Services

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Managed network services

What separates a successful business from an unsuccessful one? The answer lies squarely in modern technology! Whether you’re a dental office looking to streamline their business model or a small business attempting to get off the ground, you won’t be able to go far without investing in the skill sets of VoIP phone solution companies and related cloud computing networks. Organizing information and making customer service smoother than ever is key to maintaining your client base all days of the year. Interested in a new cloud strategy or IT customer service? Read on to learn some basic tips on computer safety, data organization and how VoIP phone solution companies can help you