How Did We Live Before Search Engines?

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The world has become increasingly smaller with the advancements in technology available to us. And among the most popular technological tool is one that is so embedded into our culture by now that we hardly even think about it, even though even just a few decades ago it we had to make due without it. Search engines online make finding virtually anything incredibly simple. These days we have basically any piece of information at our fingertips within seconds, or however long it takes us to type it. And with our nearly constant presence online, internet marketing has become the go-to place for advertisers. PPC, or pay per click advertising, and SEO services, or search engine optimization services, have become quite popular.

PPC services making the best of our Internet dependence
The pay per click model allows advertisers to basically buy visits to the website, as they pay a fee for every click on their ads. PPC is most often found in search engine advertising. These sponsored ads or banners are often some of the first results that pop up after typing in a search. And it is the perfect place for them, as it is estimated that about 75% of search engine users never even get to the second page of search results. Often they will find what they are looking for on the first page of results, and many times if they don’t find a satisfactory result they will type in a new search instead of continuing to look through the following pages of results.

Bringing people together, from afar and often from quite close by
While we can easily connect with the other side of the world with a mere click of a button, often times the clicking around that we do online, particularly from our mobile devices, is more closely related to areas closer to home. About 50% of all the searches conducted on mobile devices are in attempts to find local results, and of those searches, 61% typically result in a purchase. People are willing to buy locally, but give them the option to do it online and they are almost guaranteed to do so. Another 56% of searches on mobile devices are done in order to find local information such as directions, business hours, or an actual physical address. Think of how many times you have gotten turned around trying to find a business, and instead of thumbing through a phone book or atlas, you pull over or wait for a red light and quickly click to an answer. Online searches have enabled more people to more quickly get to what they are looking for, whether it is an answer to a question, confirmation of a location or service, or any number of other useful pieces of information.

Many people can remember a world before the Internet and a time before the ease of access from mobile devices. But this convenient technology is so deeply embedded into our culture by now, that many of us struggle to remember how we functioned in such a world!

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