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What to Ask When Interviewing Potential Ad Agencies

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Branding is important to any successful company. It is the company?s way of encouraging its customers to remember their brand when thinking of choices. For example, a fast food restaurant may create a catchy slogan or phrase to remind people when they are thinking of dinner options of their menu choices. A makeup company may create a lasting commercial ad campaign that reminds its customers of their new makeup products while shopping for new makeup. Either way, branding allows companies to be competitive in an already competitive market. It is a necessary part of building a successful business and increasing customer counts. The question then becomes, how do you find advertising agencies that familiar and creative enough to provide these marketing campaigns for your business? What are some things that you

Broken iPhone Screen? What Can You Do About It?

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Smartphone repair
Phones have changed over the years. The biggest and the most obvious of changes is the fact that we not have mobile phones. We can take our phones anywhere with us. Additionally, phones have gotten smaller and more durable. They are able to handle more wear and tear and they are more resistant to breaking. However, they still do break. Even with all of the precautions that are available, such as phone covers, screen protectors and rubber casings, these phones still can break. In fact, most smartphone owners have experienced this at one time or another. They dropped their phone, hoping this was one of the times that it held up. They pick it back up, to see the little cracks in the screen. Then the reality sets in that your contract isn?t up for another year, and you are not eligible for a new phone anytime soo