4 Reasons Why Your Business Deserves a SEO Strategy

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Every day, 27 million pieces of online content are shared. As many as 93% of online experiences will originate with a search engine. If that’s not enough to prove the importance of SEO to any business marketing strategy, perhaps the following top four benefits of SEO will be.
Thanks to its inbound nature, SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available. Why? Because SEO targets the consumers who are already looking for the product or service you provide. They want to find you; all you have to do is make yourself easily found. Hence the importance of pertinent and informative content.
Content is considered to be “very important” to successful SEO strategies by half of all marketing professionals. Rather than spending time and money on ad campaigns that may or may not find your target audience, or paying a team to cold call every name in the phone book, SEO lets you focus your efforts on being the company with the most useful information about your industry or product and let the consumers come to you.
Measurable ROI
As the point above suggests, it all comes down to money in the end. Successful business practices are those that generate more money than they spend. The challenge is finding ways to quantify and track that inflow and outflow of cash. SEO marketing companies can track nearly every aspect of a given SEO strategy. Increased rankings, higher traffic flow and even the conversion rate of online interactions to sales are all easy to track and record. What’s more, SEO consultants can delve deeper into the data to uncover data about the consumers who have clicked on your site. From the keyword used in the search engine that brought the customer to your site to the series of clicks they made that ultimately resulted in a sale, one of the main benefits of SEO marketing strategies are their ability to be tracked and studied. Once you have the data in hand, it’s a simple matter of translating that information into a calculation of ROI.
Local SEO
Over half of consumers make purchases from a mobile site more frequently than they do a computer. Likewise, 50% of all local searches occur on mobile devices. With this rise in mobile trafficking, local SEO services are seeing a rise in effectiveness. To hark back to the point about cost-effectiveness, one of the other benefits of SEO is its ability to target the local consumer who is already looking for your product or service. In 2012 alone, page hits to local online directories more than quadrupled. When combined with a mobile-friendly website, local SEO services are an excellent tool to have in your marketing tool belt.
Brand awareness
Some marketing executives would tell you SEO has evolved from a marketing tactic into a brand awareness strategy. Whether or not this is entirely true, one fact remains undisputed: having your name appear at the top of any search engine results is an instant boost to your brand.
The top positions of any search query carry significant weight. Perhaps it harks back to human nature’s inclination to rank everything – – from favorite foods to the best movies of 2016 to the best company in any given industry – – but whenever we’re presented with a list, subconsciously we view the top item as superior to the second. Coincidentally, the top ranked companies are also seen as more trustworthy than their lower-down brethren. Couple this with the fact that 75% of search engine users will never click past the first page of search results, and it’s clear getting your name at the top of the list is as important as ever.
Brand awareness is all about getting your name in front of consumers and few marketing strategies can do that as well as search engine optimization. As such, increased brand awareness is one of the key benefits of SEO in today’s digital marketing realm.

Why your business deserves SEO

This list is by no means exhaustive. The point of the matter is, your business deserves an SEO strategy. From its cost-effectiveness to its ability to target your most likely purchasers, all the while increasing your brand awareness, few marketing strategies can boast the benefits of SEO.

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