Three Things You Should Know About Computer Maintenance

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The fact is that it’s virtually impossible to be a part of the modern world without using technology. This is true in almost every part of life — but especially the business side. More than ever, small business owners are becoming aware of the fact that in order to remain competitive, they have to be a part of the online world. Of course, today, that world is more than a little confusing — there’s the cloud to consider, the web in general, privacy measures, and just computer maintenance in general. So before a small business owner gets into the technological game, there are some things he or she needs to know first.
1. Take Advantage Of IT Services
It’s tempting for to try to everything yourself, especially when you’re a small business owner. However, it’s better to take advantage of IT services whenever possible. This will save a lot of time — and often a lot of money. Every business owner should have the contact information of IT services for small businesses on hand. Computer maintenance is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the kinds of issues IT services can remedy. The list of IT services includes not only computer maintenance, but fixing hardware, replacing faulty parts, and helping businesses manage software and online accounts. If a problem has to do with your computer, it’s highly likely that an IT service can help you fix it. Why struggle on your own when you can call a professional?
3. Keep Your Computer Clean
Keeping your computers clean doesn’t just refer to things like dust and dirt, though certainly you should maintain your computer’s surface cleanliness. In fact, cleaning out your computer usually refers to software. According to Harris Interactive, the top reason why computer users replace their computers is poor performance and general slowness. Often, this poor performance can be linked back to a lack of memory due to unnecessary software cluttering the computer. By cleaning your computer of unnecessary software, you can save a lot of money that you would have spent on a brand new model. The fact is that if a program has been unused for over six months, you should delete it t free up space. By deleting programs, you can free up at least 10% of your computer’s memory. If unsure about what programs to keep and which ones to delete, you may want to contact IT services for help.
2. Look Out For Viruses
A major reason why many people find themselves contacting computer support services is the dreaded computer virus. Viruses can destroy important data and render computers completely unusable. As soon as you buy a new computer, you should invest in an antivirus software. A computer repair service can help you identify which antivirus program best suits your needs if you find yourself confused. At least every two to four weeks, you should open your antivirus software and run a full manual scan for viruses. Should you find one, contact IT services as quickly as possible. Viruses can be devastating, but if you act fast you may be able to save your data and your computer.
3. Take Your Passwords Seriously
Choosing a password may at first seem simple — but don’t be hasty about it! Something as simple as a faulty password can result in invaded privacy and stolen information. It’s estimated that only eight percent of users do not reuse passwords. This is hugely problematic. If you reuse your passwords, a hacker only has to crack one password in order to access multiple accounts. With over 70% of organizations reporting cyber attacks within the past 12 months, you need to take your passwords very seriously. Try to make them as long as possible, with passwords over 12 characters long being harder to crack than short passwords. Don’t link them back to your life in an obvious way–for example, don’t use birthdays!–and try to use as many different types of characters as possible. Changing your passwords every few months is a part of computer maintenance too.

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