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Rotomolding Everything You Need to Know

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Custom plastic rotational molding
Rotomolding is a thermoplastic process for producing equipment by placing liquid resin or powder into a hollow mold and then rotating using extreme heat until the contents melt and coasts inside the cavity of the mold.
It’s a process that not too many people know about, but it’s a process that is extremely important in various industries and everyday life.
Also called rotocast or, more commonly known, rotational molding, rotomolding is for one-piece, hollow items. The heating process works with centrifugal force to transfer molten stock up against the inside of the hollowed out mold. Some of the more common products that rotomolding can create include: traffic cones, custom recyc

Five Reasons You Need to Hire a Professional Printing Company

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Digital printing companies
With all of the technology available to the average person today, it’s easy to think that you can do it all yourself. However, as nice as that thought may be, sometimes doing it yourself is either too much work or not efficient enough. This is especially true when you need to print things. Whether it’s photography or business cards, here are five reasons you need to go to a professional digital printing service.
Better options
You can brag all you want about the quality of your printer at home, but in truth, a professional printing company has better equipment and more options for you to choose from. These companies have experience in graphic design that could open up your work to a whole new level of wow. Especially in advertising, you need to make sure that your prints