Rotomolding Everything You Need to Know

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Custom plastic rotational molding
Rotomolding is a thermoplastic process for producing equipment by placing liquid resin or powder into a hollow mold and then rotating using extreme heat until the contents melt and coasts inside the cavity of the mold.
It’s a process that not too many people know about, but it’s a process that is extremely important in various industries and everyday life.
Also called rotocast or, more commonly known, rotational molding, rotomolding is for one-piece, hollow items. The heating process works with centrifugal force to transfer molten stock up against the inside of the hollowed out mold. Some of the more common products that rotomolding can create include: traffic cones, custom recycling bins, laundry carts, oil and water tanks, bulk containers, plaster statues, and even chocolate.

Types of Rotomold

There are many types of rotomolding but the three main procedures are:
  1. Clamshell
  2. Shuttle
  3. Carousel
All three have different design features and specifications, but they all work on the same principle.
One of the issues of rotomolding, however, is that it is not as suitable for high volume production methods because of how long the production cycle lasts for each product. Short-run parts, however, are perfectly suitable for rotomolding methods.

History of Rotomold

First used in 1855 in England to mold metal for war. Artillery shells were some of the very first products molded using this technology. Nearly 165 years later, the technology is still being used today across many industries.

Main Benefit

Aside from actually producing the molded products that would otherwise be nearly impossible to create, the major benefit of rotomold is the ability to customize nearly anything. Businesses can produce custom recycling bins, for example, however they want. Rather than producing the same exact product with the exact specifications as every other item, with rotomold, you can customize each individual product to your liking. This allows you to create exactly what you want and not be bound by the specifications of other products.

Most Historic Product

One of the more famous — or infamous, depending on how you view it — products made my rotomold is a little stronger than custom recycling bins. These products have resided on front lawns for years: the pink flamingo lawn ornament. If that doesn’t sell you on rotomolding and what it can be used for, perhaps nothing will.

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