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There was a time, in our not too-distant past, in which advertising firms had the fairly straightforward job of catching the eye of a consumer by the use of a creative or colorful page in a magazine. Eventually that creativity that they used to do their jobs needed to evolve, as companies began to promote products and services in short television commercials. And any good ad agency will tell you now that the business continues to change and grow, as these firms work to make a splash in an oversaturated digital market.

Standing out online
Just about everyone spends at least some time online, many actually spend hours surfing the Internet, when all is said and done. So it only makes sense that companies looking to sell their goods or services have taken their businesses online, meeting consumers where they already frequently go. But the Internet is vast, and has become the go-to source for most information, creating endless rabbit holes of media to get lost in. In order to catch the attention of today’s consumer, who often has an increasingly short attention span, an ad agency has to be able to continually up the creative marketing game for their clients.

The importance of an online presence
Although it may seem daunting at first, particularly for companies who are struggling to break into online markets, find a place that they can thrive, and successfully connect with customers, with the help of the right ad agency, a small business can make a big splash. Perhaps your small business is very successful within your community. While those relationships and connections that you make in your brick and mortar business are incredibly vital and should not by any means be neglected, you are definitely missing out if you do not make your business available online as well. Today’s consumer will default to the Internet for just about anything, even if it just directions to your store, but many will also want to check out your products or services online before actually stopping in as well. If your potential clients or customers hop online to check out your goods and don’t find a website for your company, chances are that they will happen upon the websites of your competitors.

Why you need the right marketing agency on your side
Perhaps you or your capable employees have several good ideas for marketing plans and campaigns. There is no reason why you cannot use those ideas, and in fact the right agency will be happy to work with you to collaborate on ideas to come up with something that you are completely satisfied. A good creative agency will want to make sure that you and your goods or services are being represented in the way that you are most comfortable and happy with, while grabbing the attention of the most consumers possible. By working with the right ad agency, you optimize your chances of making your place online and making yourself accessible to consumers.

The habits of consumers
Consumers will not be breaking away from digital media any time soon. While companies were spending about 25% of their total marketing campaign budgets on digital advertising in 2014, that percentage is expected to jump up to around 75% over the course of the next five years. It is important to go where the consumers are. And as over $180 billion were spent in the United States on advertising in a single year, that is going to be a lot of money pouring into digital advertising. About 80% of consumers claim to do quite a bit of research online for big purchases, and when 46% say that they rely on social media to help them make those choices, it becomes that much clearer that your business needs a social media presence.

There are ways to make your business boom, and the main thing that you can be doing for the success of your company is to increase your online presence.

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