The Advantages of Hiring a Marketing Company

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Businesses cannot be successful without obtaining new customers, which requires some type of advertising. While there are business owners that discover a knack for marketing, it is a rare trait to discover, and even with the skill, it is rare that such a talented person would have much spare time to dedicate to the endeavor. This leads many companies to contract the services of a marketing company, a choice with many distinct advantages.
  1. How do businesses decide whether to buy a TV ad instead of one broadcast on the radio? Why do some companies use billboards and others do not? What about the internet and digital marketing options? The answer, sadly, is often that these decisions are made on impulse or without any knowledge of success rates and what would be best for a business. Digital marketing, for example, has nearly limitless advertising power, considering that approximately 78% of Americans use the internet to assist with purchase decisions. That makes the need for a strategy all the more apparent, something a professional can provide.
  2. Once a marketing strategy has been established, that is not the end of the work a marketer must undertake. The results of a marketing campaign must also be collected, analyzed and used to adjust a campaign accordingly. Looking again at internet marketing, of small businesses, not even 30% track calls or use Web analytics, with 18% tracking nothing at all. This means those businesses have no way of knowing if an email has even been opened by potential leads, much less whether it had a negative effect. Such a circumstance means wasting an investment that could be redirected more effectively.
  3. The necessity of including a social media presence for a business in this day and age represent another advantage of employing a marketing company. It is not enough to simply have a Facebook page or a Twitter handle, to generate leads, a business must be regularly active on social media. For example, 95% of all brands use Twitter, with 82% tweeting at least once and up to six times every day. To manage a social media presence involves an investment of time that many businesspeople cannot spare, which requires an engaging writing style, which may or may not be easily accomplished by owners or management.
With these advantages, it seems almost strange that any company would neglect to hire the services of a professional marketing company if they have the means to do so. Hopefully, any business owner reading this will agree and look for qualified marketing assistance immediately.

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