4 Ways to Raise Productivity by Promoting Happiness

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Running a business can be very stressful especially when you have to deal with keeping the employees happy. It’s no secret that, much like the phrase, “happy wife = happy life,” happy employees = happy business. The happier your employees are, the better they will perform, thus improving overall business and generating more profit.
There are a few things that managers can do to improve the overall happiness around the office.

Hire Happy Employees

Working with outplacement consulting firms and getting in touch with executive search consultants on how to find the best employees is a great idea for business. Make sure that these executive search consultants are not only looking at metrics, however, because one of the better judges of if an employee is going to be a successful worker or not is how happy they are. If they have excellent stats from a previous job but are negative Nathans, you probably don’t want them bringing down your entire office’s moral. Only hire the happy people and that happiness will spread.

Promote Creativity

Having creative areas for your employees to go to within the office is a great way to encourage creativity, raise happiness levels and discover great business ideas. In-office libraries, yoga rooms, painting craft areas and plenty of other fun areas should be installed in your office to allow your employees to just goof around. Sometimes goofing around leads to the most innovate ideas in business.

Get to Know Employees on a Personal Level

Just being friends doesn’t really cut it. You have to actually talk, listen and connect with your employees if you really want to build a strong relationship. Even if you’re nice to them, they probably fear you if you’re in a position of authority. The quickest thing you can do to fix that is genuinely build relationships with each and every employee. Listen to their stories about the weekend, what their hobbies are, their work gossip and anything else that will lead to a better manager-employee relationship.

Encourage Autonomy

Employees who have more autonomy are not only happier but they also perform better. Don’t worry so much about deadlines and numbers, they’ll straighten themselves out eventually. If you’re not over your employees’ heads and pestering them they will probably end up doing better than ever before.
Make sure to work with executive search consultants to find happy and qualified employees, install creative areas inside your building, encourage autonomy and actually get to know your employees to have a happy company that will thrive as a result.

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