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4 Reasons Why Any Small Business Owner Should Invest in Responsive Web Design

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In today’s mobile world, there is no doubt that it is important to optimize your website for mobile users. Everyone is attached to their smartphones, e-readers, and tablets more now than ever before. The Internet is available with just a touch of a button, which means your clients are able to access your webpage within seconds. Here are some of the top benefits of investing in responsive web design.
1. Flexibility
This type of web design is flexible meaning that a responsive page can be used across all screen resolutions and devices. This makes it easier for you as a business owner as you will not have to worry about maintaining different webpages.
2. Boosts local SEO services

How Location Intelligence Services Are Impacting Your Everyday Life

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We can be tracked almost anywhere we go these days, thanks to location services on our phones, tablets, and other wireless devices. Getting “off the grid” can seem harder than ever to some people, but this new location intelligence software is proving to be an amazing resource for marketing analytics and the services that drive that data. Almost all areas of our lives are impacted by the data sourced from location intelligence software — from route planning, to selecting sites and enrollment for schools, to conducting crime analysis for law enforcement. The analytics market is only growing and the need for people to sort through the data is only growing. Technicians, geographers,

Working on Your Database and Design Development Will Attract More Customers

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Startups and small businesses looking to attract new customers and get the attention of existing customers may find use in upgrading their database and design development. How so, you might ask. Well, we have the answer right here for you.

Get People to Notice You Again

It?s hard to keep the attention of customers. Whether this means getting the attention of new customers, or you ate trying to get the attention of your old customers ? it?s not going to be easy. However, starting with your database and design development is an ideal place to start.
Customers don?t like when companies refuse to upgrade their websites, products or services with the advancement of technology. As technology upgrades every year and there are new possibilities out there, there is

Sorry, Ad Agencies Facebook Overestimated Those Video Metrics for 2 Years

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Where’s the “dislike” button? Facebook quietly announced in its “Advertiser Help Center” recently that it’s been accidentally overestimating video plays for years — which means that ad agencies everywhere might have been a little premature with their performance celebrations.
The problem stems from the fact that when measuring for “Average Duration of Video Viewed,” they only included views that lasted three or more seconds. That means that any time a viewer stopped watching in the first few seconds — which, let’s face it, is a lot of us — those numbers weren’t included in overall average metrics.
The numbers Facebook gave to every single marketing agency, creative agency, and even regular posters

How Improving Your Local SEO Can Have Big Returns For You and Your Business

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Are you a local business looking to improve your sales and increase visitors to your website and also your brick-and-mortar store? Are you perhaps not the most tech-savvy but are willing to pay to make your business stand out? If so, you should consider hiring a local SEO company that can help your business really take off. SEO consultants in general are excellent for helping improve your social media marketing and overall presence, optimizing your search engine ranking, and helping you with effective branding that will attract customers and generate more revenue. They’re profess

Turn Clicks into Sales with These Tips

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Pay per click (PPC) marketing has become very important to a number of different companies across a wide variety of industry. PPC ads are used to drive traffic to a business’s website. The advertiser pays the company that displays the ads for each click that is generated. Many companies have a lot of faith in this kind of advertising and the PPC market. Nearly 83% said they viewed it favorably. For at least 54% of companies that use PPC marketing techniques, the main goal of their PPC strategy is lead generation. For nearly 46%, the main goal is increasing their conversion rates.

The importance of a company’s PPC strategy is evident by the fact that there are now so many PPC managers and Continue Reading No Comments