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Pay per click (PPC) marketing has become very important to a number of different companies across a wide variety of industry. PPC ads are used to drive traffic to a business’s website. The advertiser pays the company that displays the ads for each click that is generated. Many companies have a lot of faith in this kind of advertising and the PPC market. Nearly 83% said they viewed it favorably. For at least 54% of companies that use PPC marketing techniques, the main goal of their PPC strategy is lead generation. For nearly 46%, the main goal is increasing their conversion rates.

The importance of a company’s PPC strategy is evident by the fact that there are now so many PPC managers and PPC consultants who help different businesses improve their PPC ads. There are things you can do to improve the performance of your PPC strategy.

  • Stay competitive. One top priority of your PPC campaign should be to maintain a competitive edge with your priced. This is especially important for companies who want their the clicks on their PPC ads to buy something from their site. People who buy things online are looking for good deals. If consumers can find great deals on your site, they will buy something, they will return to your website and they will tell their friends. Your prices do not have to be at the absolute bottom but you need to offer the people who visit your site some value for the experience.
  • Keep your messaging short and sweet. Beyond your low prices, you need to be able to convince people to buy from you rather than other companies and you have just a short amount of time to do that. You need to be intimately familiar with the needs and desires of your audience. If you know who your audience is and what they want, you will be able to write an effective message that reaches them almost immediately.

Ways to Make Your Copy As Effective as Possible:

  • Include a call to action in your ads. Having an event like a sale or some other time limited activity gives people a sense of urgency. Copy such as, “Available for a limited time…” or “Sale on Pet Flea Medication This Weekend Only!” will show people that they have to click now to get the deal or special you are offering. This gives consumers a reason to click on your ads today and not wait until a later time.
  • Attract the people who plan to buy something. You can weed out people who may not really be interested in buying anything from your site by putting the price of the items you have on sale in the ad. Research has indicated that when people decide to buy something online, the absolute top factor in their decision making process is the price. If a consumer knows what you are charging for a product and they still click on your ads, or if they click because of the price, you know they are more likely to buy from you. That ad for flea protection can be, “Pet Flea Protection, $20 for 3 Doses. This Weekend Only.” People who are attracted to that ad have more of a chance of buying because they know what they are getting into.
  • Reduce the risk to your consumers. For many people, shopping online is a part of their daily lives. It is not unusual for people to buy all sorts of things that they used to go to a brick and mortar shop to get. You can get just about anything from books to cat litter and toilet paper online. For others, however, shopping online seems risky. You need to implement features on your site that make it absolutely clear that shopping with you is perfectly safe. You also need to put warranties on your products and have a clear return policy. Having stellar customer service is a good idea for any ecommerce company.

Getting people to visit your site is only half of the battle. Giving your visitors a reason to buy from you and return to your site is the other half of it.

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