5 Ways to Speed Up Your Internet

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There are various reasons why it seems like your home Internet connections slows down more and more as time goes on. It could be your cat5e cables, it could be an overloading of the power strip surge protector or lightening cables as well as various other problems. If you have a wireless connection, the problems could be anything from bad router placement to a poor connection. Below are the steps you should take in order to figure out how you should fix these common problems to make your Internet connection work faster. Whether it’s cat5e cables or something else, this should help you out.
Check Your Software If you have a lot of programs or things going on, on your computer, this could slow down your connection. Go into your browser’s download manager to make sure that you don’t have anything downloading that you didn’t know about. You can also use a scanner to see which programs are running more often than they should be. While the scanner is going, this could also slow things down a lot but one they are done running then your computer will go back to normal. Once all of the problems are closed out, you may find that one of them was hogging your connected and your Internet speed goes back up all by itself.
Update Your Browser One of the main reasons that Internet slows down over time, is that the browsers are replaced with newer versions but you continue to use the old version. Once the new version is out, the old version will no longer by maintained and updated by the carrier so it becomes unable to handle new content. Make sure that your browser has been updated recently. You can download the latest versions of every type of browser be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari online by following the instructions. They are all free to update, especially if you have the older browser.
Check for Viruses Viruses can sent into the computer without you even knowing about it. It could have come through someone hacking or merely a website you visited or an email that you opened. There are plenty of things that can open doors to Trojan horses, viruses and adware on our computers. Make sure that you have a good virus protection system installed on your computer and run it frequently to look for problems. Antivirus software doesn’t have to be super expensive. Some of the best programs out there are actually free for home use. They make their money doing bigger things for corporate companies so they can afford to be free for single use computers or home networks.
Check the Connections If your Internet is running to slow for your liking, then check all of the wiring connections. Cat5e cables and other Ethernet cables should all be properly cleaned and disconnected and then reconnected in order to make sure that they were fitted correctly to begin with. Make sure that you sure everything off before you start messing with these wiring positions, however. You don’t want to risk electrocuting yourself. You can clean them but using a dry microfiber cloth. Also check your cables for frayed ends or other physical problems on the wires. This could cause major gaps in your connection which would definitely slow it down. If you find that, you may need to replace some of these wires.
Upgrade Your Service If you have gone through everything and your cat5e cables and USB 3 cables and all other wiring are fine, there’s no background activity and viruses have been wiped, you may find that it’s simply time to upgrade your Internet service. This needs to happen from time to time. As satellites re position and technology advances, there’s a need to keep up. You may find that you are not able to keep a good internet connection simply because your set up is outdated. By upgrading or updating your Internet with your service provider, you may find this is the boost your speed needed.
Slow internet can be incredible annoying. If you try out these things and nothing works, there may be a problem with the hardware side. Have a professional check to see if there is anything malfunctioning or that needs to be updated.

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