Retaining Current Customers in a Retail Setting

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According to many sources, it is 7X more expensive to get a new customer than to retain an existing one. This is a common mistake among retailers. Putting too much money and effort into obtaining new customers, yet not focusing on retaining current ones can be a huge business plan mistake. How can businesses hold onto their customers, ensuring that they remain loyal and satisfied? Customer satisfaction is an important part of customer retention, as are the following tips.

Always keep the customer in mind

Absolutely everything that you do in your business that involves marketing, product design, and web design should be done with the customer in mind. Without the customer, all of these efforts are pointless. Find ways to make these things easier and more enticing to the customer. Keep their time and convenience in mind and they are sure to appreciate how appreciated they feel.

Answer any and every customer comment and complaint

Most customers will only comment or contact a business if they are not satisfied with their experience or their product received. For customer satisfaction, answer any and every customer contact that comes into your web design page or call center. If a customer is unhappy, personally communicate with them, and find out how you can make the experience better. If they are leaving a positive comment, respond and let them know how much you appreciate their business.

Great web design

More than 80% of the online population has used the Internet to make a purchase. Additionally, more than 50% of this online population shopped online more than once. The internet has become an extremely popular platform for shopping. However, customers expect the Magento websites that they shop from to be professional and easy to use. With hundreds of other retailers easily accessible online, they will simply move on to another E commerce page if they are not satisfied with your web design.

Provide exceptional customer service ALWAYS

Some of the personal interaction is taken out of the online shopping experience. Most customers are okay with that in return for the convenience that online shopping offers them. However, if they do have to contact the company and interact with a person, they expect the best customer service. In fact, 86% of customers are willing to pay up to 25% more to get a better customer experience. If a customer begins to associate your business with poor customer service, they are likely to frequent another online web design company.

Secure web development

Most customers also expect the web pages they visit to be secure and safe. If a customer?s information is stolen during an E commerce purchase, they are less likely to visit that store again. This is even true if the issue was handled correctly and the money was returned. They do not want to go through the same process. Ensure that your web development is secure from the beginning and that there is little chance of data security breaches within your web development.

Offer discounts and deals

Some retailers may be hesitant to offer discounts and coupons because of the loss in profits. However, coupons and deals encourage customers to return. Because returning customers are cheaper than obtaining new customers, the business is actually making out in the long run. Consider spending more on retaining current customers than on increasing marketing efforts for new customers. You will find that satisfied customers recommend the business if they are satisfied, serving as a source of free marketing.
One of the biggest mistakes that retailers make is always pushing for new customers. A businesses success often lies in its current customers. If you able to keep your current customers feeling happy and secure, they are more likely to return frequently and to spend more money per each shopping trip. Always keep exceptional customer service in mind and always put the customer first.

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