5 Things You Need to Have and Be In Order to Give a Good Presentation

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Giving computer presentations can be overwhelming and even difficult. Trying to present your own idea in a way that will get other people on board with what you want to do is a big task. If you are video conferencing or audio conferencing, things might be a little different but if you are face to face with the people who are going to be watching your computer presentations, it makes things a lot easier. That’s when things are the most nerve wracking anyway; having real live people sitting in front of you, waiting for you to wow them. Here are a few things that you should do and have before giving your presentation.
Slideshows One of the best things about doing computer presentations is that you can literally show them exactly what you are talking about. You don’t have to explain anything or describe it. All you have to do is show them your ideas and your slides in order to give them a better idea of what you are talking about. Having visual aids to go along with your talk makes it much more interesting to sit through as well as easier to understand.
Video Presentations If you put together a video presentation of your work, the people you are showing it to will actually be able to see for themselves what you are talking about. If it a computer program, you could film yourself using the program to show the meeting what you are doing. If it’s a marketing technique, film yourself as an example. Anything can be videoed and set up for the people in the meeting to view with you. This makes it even more real to them and puts it at a personal level.
Notes Make sure that you take plenty of notes regarding what you are going to say. Now, you don’t want to have everything written down word for word otherwise you might sound too scripted. You will mostly be using the screen of course, since you will usually be doing computer presentations but you’ll see need to talk along with your presentation to add explanations and other necessary interactions. Keep your notes on note cards, big enough to see from a distance and precise enough to follow easily.
Practice Runs A great way to make sure that you are ready is to practice, practice and practice some more. If this is your first presentation, then you will want to run through the whole thing from top to bottom. This is to make sure that you have everything in order. You will need to know what you are going to say, the order of your slides and videos for the computer presentations part of it and make sure that everything works. You should also time yourself to find out how long the meeting is going to take. You will probably have a time limit so make sure you aren’t going over that time frame. You also do not want to be very much under but a little bit under the time is good because it leaves enough time for questions, should anyone in the meeting have any.
Confidence Overall, the most important thing is to be confident. Even if you are super nervous about the meeting and have no idea how they are going to take your idea, stand tall and act like you’ve done this a million times before. That confidence will exude out through your presentation and leave a good impression. Teleconferenced meetings will be similar if you have video capability. Having only audio during teleconferencing means that you only need the last three points. However, your tone of voice and the things you say matter a lot more. Try planning in advance to send the slideshow to their email so they can follow along. If you believe in your idea then there is no reason to be unsure about anything. You might be afraid that other people aren’t going to like anything but if it’s good enough an idea that you have been commissioned to share your idea, don’t worry about who is and who isn’t going to like it. Do you best and that’s all you can do.

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