6 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Network Security

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Individuals and companies put a lot of resources to improving the security for their office and home networks. There are some simple things that can be done to improve your network security and prevent cyberattacks, which are happening at an alarming rate. There are some simple things and steps that people can take to improve their security of their networks and computer systems.

Recently Shear on Social Media Lawandnbsp;produced a list of their top suggestions for keeping hackers out of computer networks.

  1. Be careful with your password. By this point, selecting secure passwords should be second nature for proper network and phone security, there are people out there who use “password” or “1234” for their passwords. It is very important to both select secure passwords but then to change them on a regular basis. For better phone security, it is often recommended that people do not use the fingerprint method and opt instead for strong and secure passwords. According to the Shear peace, the government can actually make you open your phone with a fingerprint but cannot do that with a password protected system. Of course, using a two step process to open phones is the most secure way to go about it.
  2. Virtual private networks or VPNs greatly increase your network security systems. These are used when people log on to the internet and can be used from mobile devices as well as computers. These systems lets you keep your internet protocol or IP address private when browsing. The IP address is often used to verify users and their location geographically. There are VPNs that you need to pay for but there are also a number of free ones available.
  3. Be selective in your messaging applications. The cell phone text option is not always the best option for securely sending information. Luckily, there is another way. There are secure messaging apps available to get your information where it needs to go both securely and quickly so you do not have to give up speed when sending texts. It is important to stay away from some sites for this such as Facebook and Google as they have both been known to share customer data with other sites that are owned by them.
  4. Give up on Google. There are other ways to search the web. One such service is DuckDuckGo, allow users to search the internet anonymously and without having the search tracked. Every search that is conducted with the Google website is saved. Not only are the searches saved but Google can and will sell the data they collect. This can be a problem for people when they go to get mortgages, lower their credit card rates, pay less on insurance or get other kinds of loans or financing.
  5. Use a more secure way to surf the web. There is a web browser that does not track everything you do to sell or mine in other ways. Tor is one such service that lets you do what you want to do online without it being tracked, stored or sold. Google Chrome, just like the Google search engine, tracks everything. This can pose problems for people when they go to borrow money. Gmail is a very insecure way to send email.
  6. Most It consulting and network support experts also recommend improving network security by reminding workers and others to take care when they open emails from people or companies they do not know. Network security can be greatly impacted when a worker opens an email with an attachment from an unknown source that can have malware or even ransomware attached. This can shut down a network entirely. IT services companies warn that nefarious hackers can get into networks and even gain control of the data there and ask for a ransom to get it back. That can be devastating for companies is a real concern.

Improving and maintaining network security is everyone’s responsibility at a company. Managed IT services ascertain that networks are only as secure as their “weakest link.” It only takes one person opening a nefarious email to bring down a system or one person with a insecure password to let hackers into a system. Network security should really be a priority for absolutely everyone.



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