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No employer enjoys having to fire a worker. Likewise, the act of being fired can be a huge source of distress to those it happens to.
Because of this, a growing number of companies are turning to dedicated services that help mitigate these negative effects. Outplacement services help guide fired workers through their next steps, and can even help current employees stay at your company longer.
Still think you could know more about outplacement services ? or still not sure if they’re the right choice to be making for your company? Here’s a look at three of the most essential facts about outplacement consulting services that may help your decision:
Outplacement offers a roadmap for laid-off workers
For employees who have just lost their job, having a source of footing and stability can be a huge relief. This is where outplacement service firms come in. The right outplacement coach can help former employees evaluate their own skills and needs to find the next best steps in their career ? and is an increasingly important act of goodwill as a result. When former employees can review your workplace online with the click of a mouse, helping them stay on their feet after losing their job can help your reputation just as much as it helps their career.
Outplacement and HR consulting help reduce turnover
Keeping employee turnover low is a struggle for many companies. According to one study, a shocking 2.7 million American workers left their jobs at the end of June 2015, a 25% increase over the previous two years. Given this level of increased mobility in the workforce, it’s natural to want to invest in keeping employees with your company. Many outplacement firms offer HR consulting as well, a critical service when it comes to retaining the workers you want.
Outplacement services can help lead to happier employees
Did you know that 36% of top executives reported that the main cause behind a failed hire is a poor skills match? The best outplacement service firms will work with your company to better pinpoint your needs for each position, preventing this from happening. This way, you won’t have to lay off as many workers, and the workers you hire will be a better fit for your workplace. Find more on this topic here.

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