Five Reasons to Hire a Web Design Company Now

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Every business owner wants their website to look and function well. Having a great looking website is good but not if no one is seeing it. A responsive web design team can create and help take a website to the top of major search engines. In this post, you will learn five reasons to hire a web design team for your company.

  • Design a Great Looking Website: You?ll want the website of your company to be designed well. Research shows that 57 percent of consumers won?t recommend a website that is designed poorly. In addition, 40 percent of those surveyed went directly to the website of a competitor after a poor website experience.

    A responsive web design company will create a great website for your business. In today?s day and age, the website has become the new business card. If you don?t have a well made website, you are setting yourself behind the competition.

  • Ensuring Your Website is Mobile Friendly: One invention that has taken over the world is the smartphone. It seems like almost everyone is connected to their mobile device these days. This constant connection is something that major search engines like Google saw coming recently.

    Having a website that displays properly on mobile devices is essential for several reasons. One of those is because Google began doling penalties to websites that were not mobile friendly. The other reason is because a site that doesn?t function on mobile devices will alienate an audience that is growing by the day. A study found that Google controls 94 percent of the mobile search market, you definitely don?t a penalty from this company.

  • Provide Engaging Content Creation: Every SEO company knows the importance of effective content creation. Internet marketing has seen an increased focus on content creation by companies. No longer can a business really succeed with stale and boring content.

    A responsive web design company will ensure your brand is creating content that engages. Effective content can also increase how your brand is viewed on social media. Web designers can include special buttons on your website to encourage users to share content with others. Recent research found that 72 percent of marketers thought of content creation to be the most effect search engine optimization strategy.

  • Help Establishing Search Engine Rankings: One way a company can grow is to have more eyes on their business. In today?s world where everyone is online, search engine rankings are a great way to be seen. Ranking a website is something that requires expert work and knowledge of the industry.

    A responsive web design team can monitor both on and off page SEO efforts of your business. Over time, an optimized website can find itself ranking highly in major search engines including Google and Yahoo. When users type in certain keywords, higher ranked website are usually ones receiving the majority of clicks. If your website isn?t on the first page of major search engines, it is likely being missed by a large majority of people.

  • Establish a Social Presence: What is nearly as important as showing up in search engines is having a social media presence. A web design company can create pages for your brand on popular social media websites. Social websites include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a select few.

    Having a presence on these websites is important as many people are on social media. In addition, having social media websites allows your brand to grow further. Creating regular social media posts are great to grow and keep an online audience. You can even post engaging website content on social media to increase the reach of your content.

  • In closing, there are many reasons to hire a web design company for your business. These professionals can begin by creating a professionally created website. Having a mobile website is extremely important to succeed in search engines. Web designers can also ensure engaging content is created on behalf of your website. Effective content has a greater likelihood of being shared between users. Web design professionals can also help your brand create its own social media presence.

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