Text Appointment Reminders for Effective Communication

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Text Appointment Reminders are on the rise with virtually every business making use of them. If you are in an occupation where scheduling appointments are a normal business operation, you need to find effective ways of doing that. A common example of this is a dental or medical appointment. According to healthcare statistics, about $150 billion is wasted yearly due to missed doctor’s appointments. This is a shocking figure bearing in mind how easy patients and clients can be reminded of their oncoming appointments.
Without appropriate appointment reminders, a business can operate at suboptimal capacity, which may lead to massive revenue loss. Of course, you wouldn’t want that to happen to your business.
What Really Can Reminders Do For Your Business?
Eliminate No-Show: This is perhaps the most common issue in health and medical practice. Staff work around the clock to ensure a patient doesn’t miss a doctor visit by reminding them well in advance. They can do this using phone call, mail or short message service. However, not every medical appointment reminders get honored and instead, emails get stuck up in spam boxes or a reminder call went unanswered. Because of that, clients will either turn late on the appointment day or fail to turn up all the same. Fortunately, through text appointment reminders, you can easily create a reminder that has a high chance of response.
Reduce Wasteful Reminder Costs: Since it has been established that no-shows impact staff time and resource negatively, it is important that you find reminder options that will increase staff productivity whilst reducing costs of operation. When staff manually calls patients or mailing them a lot of time and money is wasted in between. But rather, you could opt for an automated appointment messaging service that will deliver prompt response from patients confirming their particular appointments. This will increase your patient arrival rates.
Nowadays, medical offices have tried to eliminate appointment delays considering the number of patients who are waiting to receive medical attention. As a result, proper reminder systems are encouraged in most facilities. In the case of chronic no-shows, text appointment reminders are the perfect prescription. They are easy to create and customized depending on specific patient needs. Additionally, text reminders are friendly and unobtrusive. It is estimated that 90% of texts are read withing 3 minutes of receipt. In fact, it’s only 1% of text reminders that go unread.
When thinking of having an automated medical appointment reminder text, it’s recommended that you seek expressed approval from your clients before you can text them. In addition to that, it’s important that you give your customers an opt-out option just in case they no longer need to be reminder notifications.

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