Good Website Design is Like Your Company’s Front Door

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Business to business website design services
The single most important thing to keep in mind about b2b marketing is that you’re still marketing to people and those people want to feel as though they are getting a good value for the dollars spent. And one of the first places any person these days begins a search for an item is on the internet. This is why professional b2b website design is so critical. Whether in the office on on a mobile device, someone, somewhere is looking for something you have to sell and in order to reach them, your website must look like you mean business. This is why hiring out your business to business website design to a skilled company makes the best sense. Your website is the front door. All the care you take in creating your product should be evident when that client reaches the door.
Some important facts to keep in mind in terms of the importance of good b2b website design:
  • About 44% of potential customers will leave a website if it does not contain sufficient contact information
  • Credibility, say 46% of people, is determined by the company’s website.
  • An unattractive website will turn away about 38% of viewers.
  • If a web page fails to load in 3 seconds, 40% of your potential customers will abandon it.
  • Your company’s first impression is 94% based on the web site your client first encounters.
  • If the web site isn’t working, 48% say this is an indication the company simply does not care.
Certainly no company wants to be thought of as uncaring, unprofessional or untrustworthy. Those first few seconds a potential client spends on your site are critical. No longer can web site design simply be left to someone in the office who knows just a little about website development. Customers are expecting sites to work on multiple platforms and devices. Business clients are on the go and need to be able to make decisions in the office as well as the board room or on the commuter train. A business to business website design service has the experience to bring all this together to showcase your company and its offerings. As evidence, sales increased for 62% of companies that designed for a mobile device.
Make sure the front door to your business matches the ultra care you take in your product. To your potential client, they are one in the same.

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