How Data Analytics Really Does Affect Your Everyday Life

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Name matching software
Imagine being give a large tract of land — roughly 3.8 million square miles. And then you’re told that you must protect that land, keep its billions of citizens safe, and maintain beneficial relationships with neighboring landowners. That sounds like a pretty difficult hand you’ve been dealt. While it may be nice to suddenly own so much land, it still comes with a lot of responsibility.
The United States government faces a similar situation every single day — though that land was not just handed over in a day. But the government must keep its citizens safe and secure from potential threats, while also ensuring an efficient flow of trade. This is not an easy task, and requires the use of various types of software and hired personnel.
The CBP is made up of more than just the Customs agents you meet when returning from a trip overseas. In fact, many tools are used by the CBP to keep the United States citizens safe, including name matching software and other data analytics programs. For example, name matching software allows agencies, and even businesses, to match names as they may appear on watch lists, while accounting for any misspellings or nicknames. It can also help out with identity resolution.
Border security can be supported by text analytics (or text mining software), as well. With this type of software, dangers at borders can more easily be identified; potential dangers can be identified; and future dangers can be predicted.
But these types of technology are doing way more than just keeping us safe. They’re helping businesses to prosper and keep their customers happy, as well. For example, text mining allows businesses to better analyze a large amount of documents and other sources. This allows owners and marketing specialists to determine the best course of action for the business. It can also accurately detect risks, compliance, and threats to the business, while improving customer engagement.
As another example, consider social media. Social media data analysis, such as on Facebook or Twitter, is incredibly important for businesses to succeed. Twitter has over 300 million monthly users worldwide, while Facebook has nearly two billion monthly users across the world. These users produce an enormous amount of data every second, so you can just imagine how important text analytics in social media might be to any successful business.

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