Can I Use a Cat5e Cable Instead of My iPhone Charger to Charge My iPhone?

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No, you cannot use cat5e cables to charge your iPhone. Why not? Because that is not what cat5e cables are for. They are used for other things. Your iPhone needs to be charged using the iPhone charging cord that it came with when you bought it. It is estimated by someone who does these kinds of estimations about things that really do not make a whole lot of difference that 395 iPhones are being sold every minute around the world. That seems like you would run out of people or iPhones at some point, but there you go. The question still remains. Is there anything else I can use to charge my iPhone? HDMI cables seem like they might be a good idea until you try to plug one into your phone. It does not fit. It won’t fit, and it never will fit. An HDMI high speed cable is meant to be used for television to cable hookups, and though it is true you can see high definition video on your latest iPhone, you cannot use a highspeed HDMI cable with your iPhone device. Right now, there are over 101 million people using an iPhone in the United States. Apple has established itself as the second biggest smartphone vendor in the world in terms of shipping. This is as of 2015. With the newer editions of the iPhone coming out over the next couple of years, that very well might change. We might just see Apple become the world’s number one distributor of smartphone devices. Then again, we might not. Who knows? Let’s see. No matter what the case is in terms of Apple’s iPhone being number one or number two, the fact of the matter is that you never could nor will you ever be able to charge your iPhone with cat5e cables. What about a USB 2.0 cable? No. Not that either. Here’s the thing. When you purchased your iPhone, you got a charger with the phone. Use that. If you lose it, you are just going to have to spend the money and grab another one. If you try to use a different type of cable to charge you iPhone, you will likely break it. That makes sense, right? Cell phone cables are specifically engineered to charge cell phones, but even that isn’t good enough. For your iPhone, Apple has designed a charger specifically for iPhone use. You need to treat this charger as preciously as you would treat the phone itself. Trying to use someone else’s charger if they do not have an iPhone can damage the system and that damage might be irreparable. If, however, you were at a party somewhere and you were waiting for a call from someone important only to find that your iPhone was about to run out of its battery power, you could look for someone at the party who has the same version iPhone as you do. If they happened to bring their charger to the party, you are in luck. The charger is not made only for your specific phone but for that generation of iPhone. You can use your friend’s charger and still receive that super important call. There are many different kinds of cables in the world today. There are the HDMI cables, the cat5e cables, the USB cables, the cell phone charger cables and more. Make sure you know what kind of cable you are using before you try it. The wrong cable can mean really bad news.

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