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Printed Circuit Boards Crucial for Technology

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Pcb prototype service
Electronics. The word encompasses much of today’s society. Televisions. Radios. Computers. Tablets. Cell phones. These technology related words signify the use of components that traffic in electricity. How it started is a story.
PCB–the printed circuit board. It represents a crucial element of electronics and technology. The origins of the PCB remember Thomas Edison, the great American inventor. Struggling to find a way to channel electricity between two objects, he started the process of using electricity to create signs on a piece of paper.
Enter Paul Eisler. Eisler, an Austrian engineer, invented the printed circuit for radio in 1936. The tool was then used by the American military in World War II to for proximity fuses. After 1948, the US Military released the technology for commercial

Reasons to Invest in Branding Apparel at Your Company

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Manual heat press machines
Is your business looking for new ways to create brand awareness? Maybe you just want to provide employees and clients with items representative of your company. One affordable, practical, and functional way to do either of these things is with customized t-shirts and other types of apparel. While you can constantly turn to different shops that specialize in heat transfer for apparel, your company could save money by investing in a heat transfer press machine.
Interested in learning more about the benefits of providing employees and clients with customized apparel using manual heat press? Keep reading for more information on how this could help your company grow and gain more attention.

Popularity of Apparel in the United States

Some companies choose to hand out a variety of sm

The Benefits of Text Mining for Border Security and Beyond

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Named entity recognition
Given the advancements in computing technology, data and text can now be analyzed faster and with more precision. This makes a significant difference in various industries which rely on having access to relevant data in order to conduct business. Furthermore, it is also vital in strategic government operations such maintaining safe borders. In other words, big data analysis is central to the operation of a broad range of enterprises.

The Text Mining Process

Text mining is also referred to as text data mining and correlates with text analytics. There are four steps involved with this process:
  • Information retrieval
  • Natural language processing
  • Information extraction
  • Data Mining

After completing these steps, the goal is to have access to hi

Are You Considering a New Job Offer from a Top Recruiting Firm?

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Human resources consulting firms
It is almost as if your current employer knows that you are being courted by one of the nation’s top executive recruiting firms.
In the last week, you had three unexpected things happen at your job, a place where you have been a project manager for the last six years. On Monday the Chief Technical Office called and left a message in your inbox, thanking you for all of the extra time and the trip you took to help close a deal in Spokane. The CTO indicated that even though this customer was far outside of the area that you typically support, you went out of your way to answer the customer’s questions, ultimately leading to the signing of a very large deal.
On Wednesday the quarterly reports were posted and you some how moved to the third spot on the list of the top performing project ma

What Do You Want in a Cell Phone Plan?

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Used cell phone
There are so many different types of cell phones currently available on the market. In addition to all of those cell phone options, there are different types of cell phone plans as well. Since there are quite a few choices, It can often prove a bit challenging to decide which cell phone and cell phone plan will address your needs as well as your budget.
Apple, for instance, has released nine generations of the iPhone since 2007. According to 2015 research estimates, there were 94 million iPhone users in the United States alone.
There were over 24,000 unique Android devices available by August, 2015. In 2016, there were 107.7 million people in the United States that u