The Answer to All Your Storage Needs is in the Clouds, Literally

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Whether you’re apart of the Silent Generation that predated the second World War, a proud Baby Boomer, a member of Generation X, or smack dab in the middle of the millennials, a lot has changed since you were a kid. Like, a lot. From popular culture, to laws, to politics, and even food, things simply aren’t the way they used to be, for better and for worst.
Even the activity — or art depending on how you look at it — of daydreaming has drastically changed. Doodling and sketching in your high school chemistry notebook has been replaced by drawing idling in an app on your smartphone or tablet. Even the word “cloud” has taken on a much different meaning than those fluffy white puffs of moisture and particles floating in the sky. By now, if you don’t know what the cloud is, you may be far be

Cloud Service Brokers HATE This Common Myth

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What’s the number one most common lie cloud broker services are tired of debunking over and over and over? Do we even need to say it?
After a widely publicized and shameful celebrity photo leak in 2015, millions of consumers were suddenly left wondering if the cloud is safe. After the titillating shock of the news started to wear off, thirsty media outlets ran with an obvious, if slightly misleading angle — that cloud computing is insecure. Some commentators and techno contrarians have been beating this horse ever since.
So let’s clear one thing up: cloud computing is insecure, but so is every other type of computing. The hard truth is, there’s no such thing as a totally secure computer network. Full stop.
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