How Did We Live Before Search Engines?

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The world has become increasingly smaller with the advancements in technology available to us. And among the most popular technological tool is one that is so embedded into our culture by now that we hardly even think about it, even though even just a few decades ago it we had to make due without it. Search engines online make finding virtually anything incredibly simple. These days we have basically any piece of information at our fingertips within seconds, or however long it takes us to type it. And with our nearly constant presence online, internet marketing has become the go-to place for advertisers. PPC, or pay per click advertising, and SEO services, or search engine opti

Superb Digital Marketing Solutions For Every Business

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Did you know that 40% of consumers will leave a webpage if it fails to load? And did you know that about 52% of users will be less inclined to be patrons of a website if its mobile site is unappealing? A business needs to realize that the web design, including the mobile web design, plays a huge part in marketing. There are many digital marketing companies that will ensure that businesses connect and network seamlessly with customers through its superb social media marketing. Digital marketing companies have been helping businesses both big and small with social media marketing for decades. It utilizes SEO services and professional web design to ensure that customers perusing through your website have a smooth and easy experience. Many websites only have ten seconds to catch the attention of users, and in that time span the user needs to know what the website can provide. With four out of five consumers shopping with their smartphones instead of their computers, it is imperative that your business website looks impeccable. Marketing companies combine its digital and marketing skills to ensure that your business’ website thrives without a hitch. A good marketing company will curate websites that succinctly captures your business’ image and brand. Whether your company is new and flourishing, or one that has survived the test of time, a marketing company will create a website that will allow users — even those browsing on smartphones — to easily navigate through the web page, and browse to their heart’s content. Even if you are a small business that is just getting started, there are many places that have affordable web design, and its web design services are inexpensive while still providing your business with the essentials. These companies can also instruct you in the intricacies of launching a social media campaign, thereby giving your business the attention and success it deserves.

Light a Fire Under Your Local Search Engine Rankings, and Watch Them Skyrocket!

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It is a 21st century truism that internet users typically ignore paid advertising to focus on the organic results of their online searches. Also, about 75 percent of all internet users do not scroll past the initial page of search engine results. This news may be disappointing to small business owners who often do not have the time or manpower available to devote to local SEO strategies. That is why as a small business owner, you should take advantage of SEO services for small business offered by a local search optimization firm. When you obtain SEO services for small business, there is a very high likelihood that you will increase your search engine rankings on Google. Small business SEO services firms unders