An Overview of What Executive Search Firms Are, and What they Are Not

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Executive search firms are something you may not have heard of before, but they play an important role in helping companies both old and new expand and grow. These executive search firms are typically based in and around tech hubs across the United States, including cities like San Diego, Seattle, and San Francisco. They can also work outside of these areas, as these firms work where they’re needed. This article will take a brief look at what executive search firms are, and also what they are not, as some misconceptions exist as to what exactly these firms do.

  • They Recruit Candidates for Executive Positions: One of the most important things to know about executive search firms is that their primary focus is to locate and recruit candidates for executive positions in the companies that hire their services. These are top-level positions like vice-president, CEO, COO, and other similar positions. Without quality hires in these positions, a company won’t run as nearly as well