Ethernet Cables and the Many Services They Provide for Networks and Communication

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From internet to intranet to network servers and more, there is always the need for an ethernet cable. Additionally, fiber optic cable has been in use since 1988 when it first connected France to the United States. Since then hundreds of fiber optic cables have been installed all over the world, for the expansion of internet communication as well as the further development of our cellular phone communications. As much as fiber optics have been advanced since there origination, there is much to believe in the reliance of people on digital communication.

Ethernet Cable Throughout History

It’s incredible to believe that the history of the ethernet cable is really not that long. With cable television dating initially back to 1948, there was no real mass production of this service for approximately another 30 years or so. Basically, until

Currently the Cat5e Cable Bulk is the Best Choice for IT Professionals

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Highspeed hdmi cable
An intercontinental network of bulk fiber optic cables transmits approximately 90% of the world?s data. Microsoft and Facebook recently joined forces to lay a 6,600 km (or 4,101 miles) Transatlantic cable from Virginia Beach to Bilbao, Spain, which will be capable of transmitting 160 terabits per second of bandwidth. That?s 16 million times more than the average home connection. The Cat5e cable bulk is currently the best choice for IT professionals.
Data can be transmitted through fiber optic cabling faster than traditional cabling due to increased capacity. Commercial uses of fiber optic cabling can transmit 10-80 Gigabits per second over just one channel. The Cat5e,