Helicopter Vibration What Causes it And Why Is it Bad?

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The worldwide sales of helicopters in 2017 were expected to reach almost $5 billion, and as far back as 2011 there were already 224,475 total active aircraft in general aviation throughout the United States alone. Providing high quality service of helicopters and airplanes is a multi-million dollar industry that employed 131,500 mechanics and service techs in America in 2017. The aviation industry, according to estimates by the FAA, is believed to support about 10,600,000 jobs in the United States, as American log in excess of 24,142,000 flight hours a year. One of the important jobs in aircraft maintenance and tech is high quality vibration analysis.

What Is Aircraft Vibration?

Virbration is caused by the movement of the aircraft and its engine and typically worsens at certain speeds, velocities, or altitudes. The vibration of an aircraft is measured on a scale expressed in inches per second, or IPS. An IPS of 0-.2 is considered good. Anything up to .4 is considered fair. Over