An Overview of the Services Executive Search Consultants Provide

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If you run a business and haven’t heard of executive search consultants before, you will before long. These are executive search agencies that provide a number of services to companies both old and new. Primarily, these executive HR recruiters work in tech hubs across the country, though their services aren’t limited to those areas. It should be noted at the start that executive search consultants are different from regular staffing agencies. While the latter works to fill regular positions of employment in a company, executive search consultants primarily focus on finding and recruiting candidates to fill executive positions in a company, like the CEO, COO, Vice-President, and other similar top positions.
These aren’t the only services that executive search consultants can provide of course. Apart from finding candidates for executive positions in a company, these consultants c

Behind Poor Job Retention Rates In The United States – And What Can Be Done To Improve Them

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Unfortunately here in the United States, job retention rates are quite low. In fact, nearly three million workers and employees of various natures had left their positions and places of employment by the time that the year of June of 2015 alone had drawn to an end, a number that has only become more problematic in the years that have passed since. Even back then, this number was already marking a 25% jump in the amount of workers leaving their jobs than just two years prior, in the year of 2013.
Much of it can be linked to the numbers of millennials that are now entering the workforce. These millennials are nearly always on the lookout for another, better job. In fact, up to 60% of them say that they would take a new job at any time, provided that it offered them better opportunities than their current job. Due to this fact, the millennial generation has even often been referred to as the “job hopping” generation, so to speak.
And as any HR executive search firm or job placem