Why Invest in Search Engine Optimization Marketing?

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Internet marketing basics
If you don’t think you need a search engine optimization strategy in place, think again. Here’s what you might want to know.
People Go to Search Engines to Find Products and Services. – When people want to find a new business or service, they go online. And where do they start looking? With a search engine. This is virtually true with all people. About 93% being their Internet experiences with a search engine.
You Need to Rank High If You Want People to Find You. – Ranking on Google isn’t hard, but ranking well is. Sure, you could jump ahead to the line using pay-per-click services, which have their own advantages, but ultimately, it’s ranking at the top of page one that gets results. See, 70% of the links search users click on are organic — the un-sponsor

Better Online Visibility Equals a Fatter Wallet

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Web design services
In our online obsessed culture, the first impression of your business is often based on the client perusing your website. Yet, 46 out of 100 web users have difficulty accessing the sites they want to use. Custom web design companies can make sure that your site is designed to look crisp and clean across all screens, regardless of the resolution or size of the screen. This is important because 90 percent of people in the United States view multiple screens at the same time. As well, professional web design companies can be highly effective at raising online search engine rankings and internet visibility. If you are in charge of designing and managing your own website, it might behoove you to consider