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Three Tips for Making Sure You Have Loyal Customers

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Customer service is essential to growing your business in a meaningful way. Although most companies understand the importance of customer service, when it comes to day-to-day operations, adhering to a standard that ensures proper handling of each customer often falls to the wayside, and making sure that customers walk away with a positive experience whether they bought something or not is often de-prioritized.

The value of a loyal customer cannot be underrated. Why?

  • Loyal customers account for 20% of all customers, but 80% of revenue for the average business.
  • Loyal customers are 70% more likely to tell someone else about your business.
  • Many studies have shown that loyal customers are more likely to be receptive to new products and are less impacted by negative information about

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Do You Want to Improve Communication in Your Hospital? Consider Healthcare Apps

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Do you run your own medical practice and you’re looking for improved communications to help take the medical services you provide to the next level? Perhaps you are a hospital administrator who needs to make the way things run there more convenient and efficient. In either case, you may want to consider using healthcare apps.

As it is, less than half of doctors in the United States use this kind of mobile healthcare technology to monitor medical records. That being said, when these mobile healthcare applications are used, they must adhere to the HIPAA

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American Businesses will Spend $13b on the Cloud in 2014, and Here’s Why

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Cloud computing is set to be the defining business technology of 2014. According to statistics from Forbes, American businesses are set to spend a whopping $13 billion on cloud computing solutions by year-end. If current trends continue, 2014 is just the beginning, with consumers expected to be shelling out $180 billion for everything from Netflix’s cloud video-streaming service to Spotify by the end of 2015.

Of course, not every business owner has jumped on-board the cloud solution train. Not everyone yet understands how the variety of services offered by cloud

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