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Though the technology industry is often criticized for being male-dominated and unaccommodating when it comes to family policies, a number of tech companies are dominating when it comes to fertility treatments.
According to FertilityIQ, tech companies provide in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments at a 35% higher rate than other industries. Tech companies also provide general fertility treatments more often than other industries as well. According to the data, six out of the top 10 companies when it comes to fertility treatments belong to the tech industry.
In order, here are the top ten companies with the best fertility benefits packages:
  1. Spotify
  2. Bank of America
  3. BCG
  4. Intel
  5. Facebook
  6. Chanel
  7. Conair
  8. Wayfair
  9. Apple
  10. Google

5 Things You Need to Have and Be In Order to Give a Good Presentation

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Giving computer presentations can be overwhelming and even difficult. Trying to present your own idea in a way that will get other people on board with what you want to do is a big task. If you are video conferencing or audio conferencing, things might be a little different but if you are face to face with the people who are going to be watching your computer presentations, it makes things a lot easier. That’s when things are the most nerve wracking anyway; having real live people sitting in front of you, waiting for you to wow them. Here are a few things that you should do and have before giving your presentation.

How Can an After Hours Answering Service Improve the Customer Service Experience?

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Philadelphia answering service
Most businesses may not realize it, but customer service is one of the most important things they do. The quality of customer service is essential to customer satisfaction. In offices that depend on significant interaction with clients, an answering service telephone can assure clients that the business cares for their questions and interests.

Answering services for customer-oriented businesses
Businesses that offer services, like healthcare and medical device providers, trades and service professionals such as HVAC, plumbing, electric, contractors, etc., property management companies and professionals like law and accounting offices can all benefit from an answering service telephone.

Retaining Current Customers in a Retail Setting

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E-commerce web design
According to many sources, it is 7X more expensive to get a new customer than to retain an existing one. This is a common mistake among retailers. Putting too much money and effort into obtaining new customers, yet not focusing on retaining current ones can be a huge business plan mistake. How can businesses hold onto their customers, ensuring that they remain loyal and satisfied? Customer satisfaction is an important part of customer retention, as are the following tips.

Always keep the customer in mind

Absolutely everything that you do in your business that involves marketing, product design, and web design should be done with the customer in mind. Without the customer, all of these efforts are pointless. Find ways to make these things easier and more enticing to the customer. Keep the

How to Keep Track of Medical Reports in a Hospital

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Immunization tracking software
Keeping accurate records in a medical facility is incredible important to the overall running of the place. Occupational health reporting software can be a complicated piece to understand. There are a lot of benefits of electronic health records. However, if the health software for hospitals that is being used cannot be understood by the people using it then it won’t be considered a valuable way to keep effective electronic medical records. Here are some ways that records can be kept other than using occupational health reporting software.
Paper Filing System Using a paper system is the old fashioned way of doing things. Continue Reading No Comments

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional SEO Marketing Company

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Local search seo
If you’ve considered hiring a professional SEO company, you’re probably looking to improve your online marketing game. While you’ve probably done some legwork already with your website and maybe added a Facebook or Twitter account, SEO marketing companies can help you improve your online presence in ways you probably didn’t know were possible.
Here are some of the benefits of SEO marketing:

SEO Can Improve Your Website

SEO stands for search engine optimization, so the purpose of this strategy is to optimize your website so it can become detectable from a Continue Reading No Comments