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Your Restaurant Might Be Five-Star, But Is It Up to Par?

What is point of sales

Whether you’re a consumer or work in the retail or restaurant industry, we can agree on one thing: customer experience is key. One seemingly insignificant detail, such as a missed greeting or long wait and turn a customer away for good. Thanks to social media and review websites, that customer may even go as far as to post a negative review of your establishment, which in turn, may drive other potential customers away.

Therefore, it is imperative to not only properly train your staff, but to streamline your business operations. Enter modern POS systems. Modern pos solutions aren’t just about expediting your day to day business operations. In fact, they can be integral in providing your guests with the best experience possible, one that ensures they will return and spread the word.

Aside from p

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Cloud or Dedicated Server? How to Decide Which Solution is Better for Your Business

Any client ftp

Technology has continued to evolve at a rapid pace, creating more IT solutions for businesses across the board. While storing and sharing files on a dedicated server used to be the only option for companies, new cloud capabilities have created a whole new level of file transfer services. There is much debate between the two data delivery methods, and many businesses are tentative to switch to the new cloud system. When it comes down to it, there are advantages and disadvantages to both services, and the best option really depends on what the specific needs of your business.

File Sharing on the Cloud

Cloud hosting is the newest IT solution for easy fil

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Protect Yourself and Your Kids with These Tips for Secure Text Messaging

Charge capture

Did you know that, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports, the internet is one of the most dangerous places when it comes to keeping your family safe from predators? Thanks to text messaging, mobile messaging services, social media platforms, and the like, those looking to do harm to those we love have more means to do so than ever before.

One of the biggest avenues of attacks, as you might know, are text messages. According to Forrester, Americans send 6 billion text messages each and every day. Luckily, most of those messages are just between friends and family. However, too many wind up going to the wrong people. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you or anyone in your family by following these simple tips for secure text messaging.

Three Tips for Secure Texting for the Whole Family

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